Using Club Maps for Events

updated 26 March 2021 by Janet Morris.

  • Request a copy of the map from the Mapping Officer.
  • An OCAD, Open Orienteering Mapper, or PDF copy of the map will be supplied.

Often course setters will survey the area to be used for the appropriateness and accuracy of the map in the vicinity of the control locations. During this process, map corrections can often made.
Ideally map corrections should be made in the field by experienced mappers, but this will not always be possible and the Club will need to rely on the skill of the course setter in many instances.

Where full or major field checking of fieldwork or existing maps is to occur, the Club should encourage that this task only be undertaken by experienced mappers.

All fieldwork changes to maps must be made to the latest version of the map using OCAD.

Once changes have been made to a map using OCAD, the file name should be modified to show the  date of the edition creation.

Each time a map is created or a new version is created it MUST be archived onto the Club’s hard drive archival system. Therefore the creator must ensure that this latest version is provided  to the Mapping Officer. If only a part map is used for an event all map changes must be applied to both the complete master map and the event map.

The Mapping Officer will maintain a list of current maps  in the archive and this will be published on the Club website. 

 If maps adjoin and overlap , if and when map corrections are made to one map, any adjoining or overlapping map  should also be modified.

Archival of maps onto the Club’s hard drive should clearly show the map name and date.