Western & Hills Orienteers

We love map running

WHO are we?

We are an orienteering club  based in the western part of Sydney, but membership is not limited to the region.

WHO orienteers compete in events at all levels: local, metropolitan, state, national and international


What is Orienteering?

Orienteers start on their course with a map in hand and navigate their way through a series of check points making route choices on the way. Their object is to achieve fastest time in their class.

Courses are set for every level of map runner, from beginners to experts and for all age grades from 10 year olds to elite map runners and seniors. There are "Orienteer of the Year" awards for each age grade

Find out more: map runner

Where are events held?

Virtually anywhere. Events are organised at university campuses, in suburban parks and streets and in challenging bushlands.

Your can find a complete list of all coming events on the "Eventor" website.



Events are being run under strict social distancing conditions.

Please observe them to protect yourself and others.

  Read your Club's Covid  Safety Plan now!