champs2019 NSW Orienteering Championships 


The Championship events were held in two locations in Central West NSW between Bathurst and Cowra.  Middle Distance Championships at Wyangala Dam and the  Long Distance Championships at Roseberg State Forest. This unmissable Championship weekend included a WOC selection trial and an NOL Ultra-Long. 

Saturday 18th May 2019 – Middle Distance at Wyangala

Granite boulders dominate the Western slopes of Wyangala Dam. Once farmed, now a State Park, the terrain is extremely open and perfect for orienteering. It was previously used for QBIII in 1991 and remapped in 2018.

Key Officials:  Organiser:  James McQuillan;  Setter:  Rob Bradley;  Controller:  Rob Vincent

Map:     ‘Wyangala Waters’ 2018 (Rob Vincent) based on ‘Giant’ 1991 (Gareth Prosser & Chris Wilmott) and digitized by Graeme Hill 2017.  Scale: 1:10,000; contour interval 5m

Sunday 19th May 2019 – Long Distance at Willagalong

Open eucalypt spur/gully terrain with a scattering of granite outcrops, minor watercourses and termite mounds. A remapped extension to the 2017 Australian Schools Long Champs was used.

Key Officials:  Organiser:  James McQuillan; 0402032419;  Setter:  Steve Dunlop;  Controller:  Rob Vincent

Map:     ‘Willagalong’ 1999 (Bruce Cooper & Chris Wilmott). Re-mapped 2018 (Rob Vincent).  Scale: 1:15,000 (elites); 1:10,000 (all other hard and moderate classes); 1:7,500 (Easy, V Easy), contour interval 5m

National Orienteering League – Round 4

The NOL events were held in conjunction with the NSW Championships. A NOL middle distance event on Saturday 18th May at Wyangala and the mass start Ultra-Long event on Sunday 19th of May at Willagalong.


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NSW Middle Championships - Wyangala

NSW Long Championships - Willagalong