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2021 Christmas 5-Days

This year the Christmas 5-Days was held in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

It wrapped up the Orienteering Year 2021.

There were prizes for each day's placers and overall point scores for a runner's best 4 days.

The overall winner in each division scored 100 points with the other finishers scoring a percentage based on their placing.

Several of our intrepid WHO Team performed exceptionally well against tough local and interstate competition.

Savanna Sweeney took the gold in Women E with 395 points and Justine de Remy de Courcelles was awarded the silver in Women F with 390 points.

In the Men's divisions both Lachlan Coady (Men E) and Shay Sweeney (Men F) achieved the silver in their classes.

Other significant placings were: Georgina Beech and Saffron Sweeney - 16th and 20th out of 43 in Women C; Constance Valais - 8th of 24 in Women E; Vivien de Remy de Courcelles -19th of 49 in Men A; Selwyn Sweeney - 6/24 in Men B; Paul Sweeney - 8/24 in Men E; and Aiden and Elliott McQuillan completed their courses on the final day's sprint event with high point scores of 95 and 90.

Gold silver and bronze

2021 Merit Awards

The OA Merit Badge Statistician has advised the Club that 21 WHO Members qualified for merit awards:

Lachlan Coady M14 Bronze
Lee Coady M40
Emmanuelle Convert W40
Justine De Remy De Courcelles W10
Vivien De Remy De Courcelles M40
Barry Hanlon M85
Andrew Hill M21 Gold
Will Kay  M16
Karen Langan W50
McQuillan M40 Gold
Nerise McQuillan W35
Janet Morris W80
Paul Sweeney M45
Sweeney W45 Silver
Savanna Sweeney W14
Sweeney M18 Silver
Seth Sweeney M17
Shay Sweeney M10
Valais W20 Silver
Constance Valais W17
Martine Valais W18

2021 State League Point Scores

First three places in each age grade qualify for Orienteer of the Year badges.

1st Justine de Remy de Courcelles 600
4th Savanna Sweeney 515
8th Martine Valais 5
W Junior B
1st Constance Valais 300
4st Jacinta Braidwood 25
3rd Aurelie Valais 98
4th Martine Valais 25
4th Aurelie Valais 258
2nd Emmanuelle Convert 342
9th Karen Langan 100
5th Maureen Fitzpatrick 30
1st Janet Morris 600
4th Nerise McQuillan 161
4th Saffron Sweeney 328
W Open B
19th Constance Valais 41
1st Shay Sweeney 580
6th Levi Coady 103
3rd Lachlan Coady 432
4th Will Kay 293
3rd Selwyn Sweeney 340
M Junior B
2nd Seth Sweeney 100
13th Vivien de Remy de Courcelles 131

1st Lee Coady 591
2nd James McQuillan 581
3rd Vivien de Remy de Courcelles 352
12th Joshua Braidwood 68
8th Warren Bax 212
10th Tim Perry 110
1st Barry Hanlon 600
3rd Paul Sweeney 239
11th Dmitry Stukov 10
9th Robert Bradley 126
6th Barry Pearce 102
7th Stephen Dunlop 100
9th Andrew Vesey-Wells 84
Open Easy
4th Louisa Coady 200


20 October 2021

NSW Middle Champs

Janet Morris W80A 1st
Barry Hanlon M85A 1st
Shay Sweeney M10A 1st
Justine de Remy de Courcelles W10A 1st
Vivien de Remy de Courcelles M40A 2nd
Stephen Dunlop M65AS 2nd    
Maureen Fitzpatrick W60A 3rd
Lee Coady M40A 3rd
Saffron Sweeney W45AS 3rd
Will Kay M16A 3rd
Selwyn Sweeney M18A 3rd
Lachlan Coady M14A 3rd
Emmanuelle Convert W40A 3rd

21 October 2021

NSW Long Champs

Justine de Remy de Courcelles W10A 1st
Barry Hanlon M85A 1st
Janet Morris W80A 1st
Emmanuelle Convert W40A 2nd
Lachlan Coady M14A 3rd
Selwyn Sweeney M18A 3rd
Vivien de Remy de Courcelles M40A 3rd

22 June 2021

2021 NSW Schools Team

Congratulations to Savanna Sweeney, Will Kay and Lachlan Coady for their selection to the 2021 NSW Schools Team to represent NSW at the Australian Championships in Tasmania next September. The team includes orienteers from seven clubs.

WHO junior member NOL ranking

 Savann's brother Selwyn Sweeney has been ranked ranked 21st on the 2021 NOL Junior Men list.

12-14 June 2021

QB3 - SL5/6/7

Newcastle Orienteers put on a great series in the Watagan Mountains and the university college campus at Cooranbong. Your club fronted a big team, which with family supporters was in the 30s.

Cumulative WHO placings for the three days were:

W45AS 3. Saffron Sweeney
W35AS 1. Nerise McQuillan
M/W10N 3. Aiden McQuillan (brother Elliott was only about 1 1/2 minutes behind)
W10A 1. Justine de Remy de Courcelles
W14A 2. Savanna Sweeney
M10A 1. Shay Sweeney
M21A 3. Vivien de Remy de Courcelles
M40A 3. James McQuillan
M45AS 3. Paul Sweeney
M85A 1. Barry Hanlon
M18A 2. Selwyn Sweeney
W80A 1. Janet Morris

Our State League individual placings for each day were:

SL5 - Middle Distance - Freemans Waterhole - 25 WHO starters
1    Barry Hanlon    M85A     53:58        
1    Justine de Remy de Courcelles    W10A     17:50        
1    Janet Morris    W80A     1:12:29    
1    Shay Sweeney    M10A     14:03    
2    James McQuillan    M40A     40:28
2    Savanna Sweeney    W14A 33:08    
2    Aiden McQuillan    M/W10N     19:23    
3    Emmanuelle Convert    W40A     56:27
3    Jacinta Braidwood    W Junior B     1:37:55    
3    Nerise McQuillan    W35AS     1:05:19    

SL6 - Long Distance - Quorrobolong - 23 WHO starters
1    Barry Hanlon    M85A     1:00:40    
1    Janet Morris    W80A     1:30:30    
1    Justine de Remy de Courcelles    W10A     18:29        
2    Selwyn Sweeney    M18A     1:10:45        
2    Shay Sweeney    M10A     16:56
2    Nerise McQuillan    W35AS     1:29:20    
2    Savanna Sweeney    W14A     1:08:51    
3    Lachlan Coady    M14A     57:49    
3    Aiden McQuillan    M/W10N     22:43

SL7 - Sprint - Cooranbong - 26 WHO starters
1    Janet Morris    W80A     25:00    
1    Seth Sweeney    M Junior B     15:05        
1    Barry Hanlon    M85A     24:36        
2    Elliott McQuillan    M/W10N     10:04    
2    Justine de Remy de Courcelles    W10A     12:37    
2    James McQuillan    M40A     18:47    
2    Paul Sweeney    M45AS     20:56    
3    Savanna Sweeney    W14A     19:04    
3    Aurelie Valais    W18A     27:28    
3    Jacinta Braidwood    W Junior B     41:34    
3    Nerise McQuillan    W35AS     33:22    
3    Shay Sweeney    M10A     10:12    
3    Selwyn Sweeney    M18A     24:03

Congratulations team. . .

15-16 June  2021

Sandunes Classic at Broulee
(State League # 3/4)

21 intrepid club members travelled south of the Clyde River to engage with the complex sand-dune terrain at Broulee.

There were some amazing performances by our top club athletes.

On day 1 Lee Coady took 1st place and Vivien de Remy de C flew in at 2nd in M40A. Justine de Remy de C crossed the finish line ahead of her junior competitors in the W10s. Rob Bradley achieved a presidential 2nd in 55AS and Saffron Sweeney led her field with a 1st in W45AS.

Day 2 saw Lee and Vivien repeating their day 1 results with  1st and 2nd places in M40A. Justine slipped back to a very creditable 2nd in W10. Aurelie Valais moved up to take 1st position in W20A. Saffron Sweeney powered into the 3rd spot in W45AS. Juniors Constance Valais steamed through the undergrowth to 1st position in WJnB and Louisa Coady was a close 2nd in M/WOpen.

Congratulations team.

10-11 April 2021

NSW Championships

The WHO Team did very well at Saturday's Middle Championships.

1 Savanna Sweeney    W14A    
1 Barry Hanlon    M85A    
2 Robert Bradley    M55AS    
2 Justine de Remy de Courcelles    W10A
2 Dmitry Stukov    M45AS
2 Nerise McQuillan    W35AS    
3 Emmanuelle Convert    W40A    
3 Aiden McQuillan    M/W10N

The Long event on Sunday proved to be very challenging. It took most runners into a more complex area with difficult steep slopes. Finish times were longer than expected which suggests that the navigation was challenging. Our placers were:

2 Justine de Remy de Courcelles    W10A
2 Savanna Sweeney    W14A
1 Barry Hanlon M85A

Other Team WHO finishers:

4 Selwyn Sweeney M18A
4 Shay Sweeney M10A
5 Aiden McQuillan M/W10N
6 Vivien de Remy de Courcelles M40A
6 Saffron Sweeney W45AS
6 Elliott McQuillan M/W10N
8 James McQuillan M40A


2-4 April 2021

Easter 3 Days

(Provisional Club Results)

Day 1

WHO juniors have excelled at Noah's Ark Ridge.

W Junior B - Constance Valais
M Junior B - 1st Seth Sweeney
M/W 10 Shadow - 3rd George Kinneally
M 10A -1st Shay Sweeney
M 45A - 3rd Paul Sweeney
W 20A - 3rd Aurelie Valais

Day 2

Remarkable performances in the challenging terrain of Gumble Pinnacles.

M Junior B - 1st Seth Sweeney
W Junior B - 1st Constance Valais
W 10A - 3rd Justine de Remy de Courcelles
W 45AS - 3rd Saffron Sweeney
W 20A - 3rd Aurelie Valais

Day 3

Another day of challenging pinnacles, but with a day's experience up front.

M Junior B - 1st Seth Sweeney
M 10A - 2nd Shay Sweeney
M 65AS - 3rd Kevin Williams
W Junior B - 3rd Constance Valais
W 10A - 2nd Justine de Remy de Courcelles
W 20A - 1st Aurelie Valais

31 March 2021

Sydney Summer Series

WHO point score achievers for the 2020/21 Season

At the season final post event presentation several Club members were acknowledged as high-performers by high placings in the season's point-scores:

Junior Men - Will kay 3rd
Junior Women - Justine de Remy de Courcelles 5th place
Masters Men - James McQuillan 1st equal with Ryan Armstrong (BN)
Veteran Women - Deb Walsham 3rd
Legendsa Men - Graeme Hill 1st
Immortal Men - Malcolm Gledhill 3rd
Immortal Women - Vanessa Cullen 1st


20 March 2021

Your club team took 5 firsts at the NSW Sprint Champs at WSU Macarthur Campus.

Th event also counted as State League #1.

The intrepid club team of 16 braved the downpour to achieve some remarkable results.

WHO firsts were: Savanna Sweeney, W14A, 20:27; Shay Sweeney, M10A, 10:16; Constance Valais, W Junior B, 36:17; Paul Sweeney, M45AS, 8:08; James McQuillan, M40A, 18:52. In second place was Selwyn Sweeney, M18A, with a time of 25:10. In third places in their divisions were: Will Kay, M16A, 27:00; Lachlan Coady, M14A, 29:36; Martine Valais, W18A, 30:28; Lee Coady, M40A, 19:26.

21 March 2021

NSW Slate League #2 at Wattle Ridge

The downpour continued for the first State League bush event of 2021, but this didn't deter 11 WHOs took up the challenge in the complex rock terrain of the  Bargo State Conservation Area, near Hill Top.

Barry Hanlon (M85A 82:33) and Lee Cody (M40A 144:52) achieved firsts in their divisions followed in second place by Selwyn Sweeny (M18A 127:29), Shay Sweeny (M10A 28:37)  and Lachlan Coady (M14A 75:41) with James McQuillan taking third position in M40A (159:36).


26 January 2021

WHO members named in NSW 2020 ONSW Awards. . .

Janet Morris and Barry Hanlon have received the ONSW Encouragement Award

From the award citation:
"As individuals and as a partnership, Janet and Barry have for decades stimulated and supported the growth of orienteering in western Sydney in particular, and in NSW more generally. Barry is an expert at building maps. His expertise is evident in the excellent "How to create high quality orienteering base maps", available freely on the WHO website. It has been recommended highly by interstate experts in mapping.

Janet is the organiser / coordinator for the annual Western Sydney Orienteering Series (WSOS) and was integral to establishing the series which was developed to attract newcomers and provide WHO members with the opportunity to set courses and organise / control minor events."

Barry says the Club should have got the award, because without the Club's support they could not have achieved the outcomes cited.

10 January 2021


2021 got off to a flying start with the Western Sydney Orienteering Series event at Rouse Hill Regional Park

Ian Miller writes:


WHO Team - Thank you for your help  at Rouse Hill.  We delivered a successful event for our first event for 2021 and with the new Covid rules.  Some new processes were implemented and innovations introduced   Delivering an event is a team effort and and all who where present contributed.

Aurelie Valais set the courses which received a number of compliments.  "Did the score event and thought  it was a good “orienteering” course ( not just a “runners” course) especially in that you had to read the map well".

Registration went well and our ability to adapt was tested by the pages with the QR codes not making it to the event.  Last week, Barry Hanlon and James created a fall back method to register attendees using the internet should the QR code not work and it was brought into action and worked well.